Capricorn, Zodiac Candle - Phalanges & Things
Capricorn, Zodiac Candle - Phalanges & Things
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Capricorn, Zodiac Candle

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As we welcome the Sun moving into the sign of Capricorn, its ruling planet Saturn has moved into Aquarius. This lightens up the energy for the month.

There's fresh new energy awakening us into seeing the new reality that is now before us. Something radically different is emerging.

This is prime time to reconsider our priorities, to reflect on our personal experience and wisdom to gain foresight, and to plan accordingly for what is to come next.

With Venus moving through Sagittarius in December, there are countless possibilities for 2021. Opportunities are overflowing, we just need to start looking in a new direction to see them. Creating checks and balances become important to implement and establish as essential parts of success and growth in the new year.

As an Earth sign, Capricorn plots and plans, but it also works hard to achieve its lofty goals. Detours are welcomed sometimes to take on the scenic route so we can learn something unexpected before getting back on track. Capricorn energy bestow upon us lessons in developing resilience in arid conditions in order to build character. Capricorn brings the maturity of perspective, patience to master our self, and endurance to go the distance.

Scents of Bergamot, Firewood, and Mahogany wood were blended together to create a well-balanced, cozy, and exotic earthy candle.

About the Collection:

We created these special candles inspired by the twelve zodiac signs and pairing them with a unique affirmation along with a candle ritual.

Each month, we will be releasing a Zodiac Ritual candle following the cycle of the twelve zodiac signs! Not only does the candle serves as a conduit to connect you with the energies of the Sun sign but also with the other important transits of the Moon, Venus, Mars, and Mercury.


Scent:  Bergamot, Firewood, and Mahogany

Size: 9 oz reusable jar 

Candle burn time: 50 hours 

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